"Polina Starr is just that...a star. She is not just a therapist that has moved the needle in her work with my daughters, but she is someone they really adore. She had a laser sharp focus when it came to goals for my child. Teachers and administrators from our school were always very impressed with her razor sharp understanding of our children and her strategies to support them. And perhaps most importantly, my children built great relationships with Polina and I believe that played an important role in the great progress that we saw in their skills."

- Atoosa R., Parent

"The impact Polina has had on my son is nothing short of incredible. Thanks to her expertise, dedication, and magical “kid-whisperer” abilities, my son has transformed from a incredibly cautious child to one confident in his newfound skills and eager to take on new challenges. Best of all, she turns what is truly hard work into something that seems like play to him, and he looks forward to his OT sessions as one of the highlights of his week."

- Courtney M., Parent

"Polina is one of the most diligent, responsible, and trust-worthy providers I work with. She is a very knowledgeable clinician, and provides thoughtful and purposeful OT services to many children in the school where I work. It has been a privilege to work with her over the past four years, and I look forward to many more years collaborating with her to help support our students."

- Melissa Constantiner, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"Polina Starr and her staff have worked with students from the Alexander Robertson School for several years. They are all very professional and proactive in building up student skills in the area of OT. Our families have been very grateful for her services and the students love working with her."

- Irwin Shlachter, Head of Alexander Robertson School

"Our son (who has ASD) has been working with Polina for 6 years, starting just after his diagnosis at 3. In that time,she has been patient with, kind to and supportive of both our son and us. Watching her work with him, it is clear Polina has a level of knowledge and breadth of experience that is hard to find. She is both warm and professional and very clearly has our son's best interest in her heart and on her mind. Polina is a fantastic OT - we could not have done better."